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Here’s the riddle… you see it every day… you’ve used it before… it’s everywhere you go… and it keeps on giving… what is it? 
It’s “scrip,” the proven method of generating charitable rebates through common purchases from your favorite stores, restaurants and service providers. With scrip, you’ll have significant opportunities to provide much-needed funding relief to your most cherished causes.
To get a better idea of what we’re talking about, just think of the revenue-generating possibilities arising from your own family’s spending habits. For instance, just in the past three days has anyone in your family:
  • Refueled a car with gas
  • Stopped to pick up coffee or doughnuts
  • Paid bills
  • Taken a business trip
  • Bought gifts for an upcoming event
  • Shopped for groceries
  • Dined out with your family, co-workers or friends
  • Had their hair cut
  • Picked up a prescription
  • Planned a vacation
If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions, you have experienced a potential opportunity to generate funding for a chosen charity. As you can see, practically everywhere you go and everything you spend, presents a chance to support a charity.
Today over 500 hundred merchants participate in scrip programs in some form or another. And since its inception some 15 years ago, the movement has earned an estimated half billion dollars for community charities nationwide. Purchases made every day can represent a steady accrual of income… income that can go straight to the bottom line of your balance sheet.
Best of all, there are no points to redeem… no box tops to collect… no coupons to distribute. It’s a smooth and simple cash rebate for your charity generated by your spending. In fact, it is such a powerful tool that many organizations have earned well over $100,000 a year by employing it. While there’s value in any kind of fundraising initiative, it would be difficult for any to match scrip’s earning power. Few, if any, can lay claim to the fact that no additional costs are present other than what would have been spent anyway.
The following chart makes a solid case for the potential earnings to your group:
Average Weekly Purchases: $50
# of Families Participating Dollars Raised Annually (avg. discount 5%)
5 $650.00
10 $1,300.00
25 $3,250.00
50 $6,500.00
100 $13,000.00
Average Weekly Purchases: $50
# of Families Participating Dollars Raised Annually (avg. discount 5%)
5 $1,300.00
10 $2,600.00
25 $6,500.00
50 $13,000.00
100 $26,000.00
As you can see, the two key factors that can affect the funds generated by a supporting group are the number of participants and the level of participation in both frequency and overall value of spending. By considering only personal shopping or gift giving as applicable, supporters are missing a significant opportunity to further the earnings.
While certainly there is no reward without effort, such effort to launch and/or support a program requires planning, research, time and commitment. And let there be no doubt of the impressive track record scrip has in rewarding efforts for charity groups like yours.
The decision you make today will benefit your charity group and your cause for years to come…
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